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Medicare Flu Shot


It’s Flu Season Seniors, So Where Do You Get Your Medicare Flu Shot?


Though we never know if the Flu vaccine we get each year will be as effective as we would like, it is recommended that seniors get their Medicare flu shot anyway. (Better safe than sorry!)

Where do I get my Flu Shot?

So where do you need to go for your flu shot. Medicare provides coverage for seniors to get their annual flu shot, but they may not cover it at the facility you get your shot.

Original Medicare

If you have Original Medicare you can have your shot administered by any health care professional as long as they are enrolled in Medicare. This is covered by Medicare Part B and will not have co-pay or apply to the Part B deductible as long as the provider accepts Medicare assignment.

Medicare Advantage

If you are on a Medicare Advantage plan, the plan will cover the flu shot and no referral is needed even for HMO members. However, the plan can dictate where you receive your vaccination. Make sure to use the required Network or you will receive a bill for your shot.


Whether you have Original Medicare and a Medigap plan or a Medicare Advantage plan, Medicare not only covers the flu vaccine but wants you to get vaccinated. So get out there and get your shot soon!