Do you have Retirees that need help with Medicare?

School Districts

Medicare Gap Insurance works with a number of school districts to help educate their retirees and spouses about the transition to Medicare. We provide individuals planning to retire with a comprehensive understanding of Medicare. By doing so, we ensure they have a smooth transition onto Medicare. In addition, we work with individuals and spouses trying to determine if it is more beneficial to remain on the employer plan or enroll in medicare. We present both options in a complete breakdown of all costs associated with each option.

Financial Planning & CPA’s

Medicare Gap Insurance has developed relationships with Financial Planners and CPA’s to help educate their clients transitioning to Medicare. Financial Planners and CPA’s also forecast future medicare expenditures based on an individuals’ healthcare needs. We help clients use minimal retirement resources on Medicare, so they can plan and enjoy retirement as they always thought they would.


Medicare Gap Insurance works with small and large companies to help advise their employees about their options when they turn 65. We can create a strategy for their health care coverage going forward to ensure they have the coverage they want at an affordable price.